The scientific and cultural movement in the Moroccan region of Souss through the book “Souss the World” by the scholar Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Al-Sousi

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Educational inspector - Ministry of National Education - Morocco, and doctoral researcher - history major - Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences Ain Chock - Hassan II University – Casablanca


By the scientific movement in any field it is meant the 
intellectual, cultural and scientific momentum of sciences, 
scholars, scientific schools, treasuries, debates, seminars and 
others, and this is what was actually addressed by the book “Suss 
Al-Alamah” by its author, the scholar Muhammad Al-Mukhtar 
Al-Sousi, which remains one of the unavoidable references to the 
researcher in the scientific movement in the Souss region. From 
reading it and adopting it, it is a book that reviews the sciences 
that were taken care of by the Socis, which are twenty-one 
sciences, in addition to the renaissance phases that Souss 
witnessed since the Islamic conquest during the 1st century AH / 
7 AD until the 14th century AH / 20 AD, in addition to the 
elucidation of the most prominent scientific families in Seuss and 
the most famous Its scientific schools, and the author concludes 
ISSN: 2735-4393 VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1, 2020, 52 – 73.
his book by recording the most important Soussi authors and 
writings during the mentioned period, 
as well as the most prominent references to the Soussi history. 
Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Al-Soussi wrote this book during his 
exile by the French protection authorities to his hometown “Elg” 
in the Souss region () between 1355 AH/ 1936 AD and 1364 AH 
/ 1945 AD, and the author was printed in the year 1379 AH /1959 AD.