The Labor Market in Qatar: Qataris, Non-Qataris, and Youth in the Workforce

Document Type : Original Article


Lecturer, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Islamic University of Minnesota, USA


The current study aimed to analyze the labor market 
developments in Qatar that the population of the State of Qatar at 
the end of 2020 was 2.684 million, according to the Planning and 
Statistics Authority, distributed to 1.936 million males and 
748.115 thousand females. According to the results of the official 
population census. The rate of participation in the labor force, 
males (% of the male population over the age of 15 years) is 
96%, while the rate of participation in the labor force, females (% 
of the female population aged 15 years and over) is 58% for the 
year 2019. In contrast, it is recorded. The ratio of females to 
males in participation in the labor force (%) is 60% in 2019. The 
unemployment rate increased from 0.3% in 2008 to 3.5% in 
2020. The Qatari labor market suffers from two main factors, 
namely the issue of migrant workers and the issue of productive 
or decent work. The first is foreigners who make up the majority 
of the workforce in Qatar, an issue that constantly worries Qatari 
officials. And the second and its challenges are summarized in 
rebalancing the structure of the labor market and increasing the 
efficiency of work in different sectors, developing the 
capabilities of Qataris, especially Qataris with high educational 
levels, attracting and maintaining highly skilled workers, 
developing labor legislation, improving the labor market 
information system.