Plastic treatments of ceramic surfaces as an experimental approach to contemporary mural painting "an applied analytical study"

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1 Professor and Head of the Department of Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo - Helwan University

2 Lecturer in the Department of Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Luxor University

3 Assistant teacher in the painting department, Faculty of Fine Arts - Luxor University


Contemporary ceramic murals diversified more in terms of design, shape and aesthetic values, allowing mural artists to create new mural qualities, in which new plastic dimensions appeared for the concept of ceramic murals and the thought and philosophy they contain as a result of intellectual, social, political and economic changes and the emergence of scientific discoveries And technology, and the fading of the boundaries separating the different fields, which affected the plastic and technical formulations and the expressive content of the ceramic mural, which were associated with the trends and artistic schools that appeared in the period of the second half of the twentieth century and which were affected by the beginnings of the same century.

The concept of contemporary mural ceramics was also concerned with the aesthetic function as well as the utilitarian function, emphasizing the use of plastic technology to achieve the creative ideas of contemporary mural artists.

Through this development in artistic concepts and what was reflected in the changes of shape, plastic formulation and expressive content of ceramic murals, it was necessary to shed light on these intellectual and artistic variables, aesthetically and figuratively, which worked to form the contemporary ceramic mural.


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